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Na Set Centes: Mandelblüte auf Mallorca 2013, 2 / The blossom of the almond tree in Mallorca 2013

The blossom of the almond tree at Agroturismo Na Set Centes, Artà, Mallorca:

In only two days some almond trees have blossomed spectacularly, while others are just beginning. This can be seen on the photos: some almond trees are in white, while the others are still with no flowers.
What I find remarkable is how the almond tree which was just beginning to blossom in the picture of the previous entry, is now in full swing.
The weather is really pleasant these days. While it was raining last Sunday and even yesterday morning, today 29.01.2013 it was an amazing blue sky shiny day. 

Na Set Centes: Mandelblüe 2013

Agroturismo Na Set Centes, Arta - Canyamel Km. 2,7  Artà, Mallorca

 Many of our guests will probably recognize the setting of this picture. It is by the car park place, although the Mulberry (scientific name: Morus Alba; Maulbeere in German) trees in the background are still without leaves.

These are the same trees as in the photos from the previus entries.


In the two previous pictures, it can be seen the result in which end the white flowers: in the fruit of the almond itself. The brown almond under the flower is an almond which remained on the tree when the recollection of the almond took place in September and October. 

 And now, even closer

Finally, we would like to offer a small homage to our guests who love the lemon tree by the swimming pool. This lemon tree, year after year, delivers a huge production of lemons. Not for a week, nor two: from January to July.

All these pictures have been takes today, 29.01.2013

Agroturismo Na Set Centes
Road MA-4042, Arta - Canyamel Km. 2,7
Arta, Mallorca
Tel. (0034) 971 83 54 29


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